Day 14: Sleepy Hollow Inn

It is Halloween and I thought of taking a few photos for the occasion. Turned out it was total disaster!

First of all, the the only prop I have is a little mini trick or treat plastic basket that was too small for the little kits to fit in. And secondly, that’s all I have – LOL. I thought of cutting out some bats so that it would feel much more eerie.

I guess I took too much time figuring out what props to use and both of them got pretty bored with me. Nothing is scarier than to see 2 kits sleep all the time! LOL!

I guess it is better to sleep the scary night away?

day14 001

Trick or Treat?

day14 002

Hypnotizing my litter mate...

day14 003


day14 005


day14 004

Sleeping in style?

day14 006

Where is the symphony coming from?

day14 007

I hope no fly goes into this little fellow's mouth - LOL!

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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4 responses to “Day 14: Sleepy Hollow Inn

  1. Cheri

    TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Timothy, your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Those two little ones are going to be extremely docile when they get older! Too cute, they are! Love ya, Tim!


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