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Bunny Pains #1

I suddenly felt the urge of writing short stories today. Inspired by the successes of the likes of One Tree Hill and Sweet Valley High (I don’t actually read them but was quite curious how my cousin got hooked on it), I hope this series will be a success among the youth breeders everywhere. I am sure you all can relate to the plots as we go through it. Maybe some of you may want to continue the plots for me as we go through. So here’s the first serving of the Bunny Pains series:

“Tasha, don’t you think he’s such a cutie?”

“Move along now, will you? We’re here for Hollands National not New Zealand White National”

“It doesn’t hurt just to admire”

“Another minute and we’ll miss Baxtor being judged. I could see them in their coops already!”

Beth & Tasha hurried along to the Holland Lops section where the Solid Junior Bucks are being judge by Judge Roland Jones.

“There he is, I hope he get picked”

“Beth, look over towards Aunt Teri. There she is again showing you some signs with those filthy fingers”

“Come on Tasha, let’s not go there. It is just not worth our time”

“Beth, I wonder how long you’ll put up with her bad antics”

“Let’s just put it this way, she’s the last of my worries. Let’s hope Baxtor get his leg today, that’s all that matters right now”

“I bet sainthood is for you. I on the other hand, would not put up with such nonsense”

“She is probably bitter about every single thing around her. Didn’t you see how her mommy showed in OPEN with the same attitude?”

“Yeah, bad traits run in the family. You just need to cull hard!”

“You’re too funny. I really wonder how you cull bad people”

“You neuter them?”

The both giggled and silently watched while Judge Roland examined Baxtor.

“We have with us today ten very handsome bucks in the Solid Junior Buck class”

Putting his hands into Baxtor’s coop, Judge Roland pulled him out and posed him on the table.

“What I like about this little guy is definitely his head, the short ears and the great width on his shoulders. See how it smoothly goes down all the way to his hindquarters?”

He then pulled out another rabbit from its coop.

“I really like this little guy as well. I absolutely adore his front end especially the depth of chest seen here. I really don’t know, it is definitely a hard decision. But I would personally go for an overall good stocky body where more points are allocated”

Everyone was holding their breath at this point as Judge Roland announces the 1st place Solid Junior Buck.

“1st Solid Junior Buck goes to #10”

“Tasha, did you hear what I hear or am I hearing things?”

“I was about to ask you the same question. Can this be true? It is Baxtor!”

Tina looks on from across the show room with a heart fueled with anguish and envy. Beth and Tasha were too busy celebrating their victory as Baxtor went on to win Best of Breed in the Youth category.

To Be Continued…

Stay tuned for more plots from victory to sorrow as Beth and Tasha grow up together in the Rabbit Show room. Go through all the bashing, deceptions, bullying, backstabbing, joys, rejections and peer pressures as Youth Holland Lop breeders.


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Day 43: Looking Back

I am trying out some photos with Christmas backdrop. Hoping that I’ll have time for a nice Christmas photo session for all the rabbits in Meadow Haven. Mooruku is indeed growing really pretty. I am starting to like her a lot compared to Papadoom. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will develop nicely as time passes.

Papadoom wasn't too happy to pose today - LOL!

This is the most natural pose for today with a little ear control

Don't mess with me!

Mid way through the photo session, our friend decided to play with the Christmas tree ornaments. Chewing on the synthetic leaves – LOL! Silly little fellow. While doing that, he showed me the BUM!

Busy body!

I truly understand why young bucks are not suitable for 4-H showmanship! LOL!

Don’t you feel that it is Christmas already!?

Not my favorite photo but this shows something I liked about Mooruku

She's really cute don't you think?

Best pose of the day!

This is my favorite photo. It is very difficult to take photos of Broken Blacks with this camera and how clear the eye turned out really makes this my favorite! I like the blur effect too...

I was thinking how did these 2 kits fair at this tender age of 6 weeks as compared to kits I have in the past. This is one of the main reason why I love blogging as it helps me remember almost everything for me. I have very bad memory so I depend on this blog to tell me what has taken place in the past. And as comparison, here are photos of 3 other kits at 6 weeks old.

Holly Hope herself


Moesha, she was really stunning at 6 weeks!

As you can see, Mooruku & Papadoom have very different look at this stage. It is way too early to tell. Let’s wait till 3 months and then 6 months. There will be more development up to 24 months!


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Day 41: Early Uglies!

My poor old camera can only take decent photos during the day. The lighting seemed to be perfect this morning so I decided to snap a few photos of the kits. They have grown and especially their ears. I am totally in for short ears but I am not too certain what is the determining factor to the length of the ears – genetics or temperature. It is a fact that rabbits loses their body heat through their ears. The bigger the surface of their ears, the faster they can release heat from their body as they do not sweat.

My hope is that, their ears will grow longer/bigger faster but genetics would be the final determinant factor of the sizes. Which means, it is genetics that govern the size of the ears in whichever growth rate they are going through. I usually notice as the ears pull longer/bigger, the size of the heads are compromised. Natural selection takes generations to materialize but I am not sure if it is faster with rabbits.

I knew Mooruku's ears will be shorter because it took longer for them to drop

I like the bones!

Will definitely give Papadoom time to grow up...


Round 2 of comparison goes to the Broken Black, Mooruku. I have got a feeling she’s going to turn out to be an awesome doe!

I am going to just grow this 2 out and let them take their time to develop. The reason is because of this photo:

This is Clark when he was much younger. The 2 kits look almost similar around this age. And when he blossomed into a handsome buck, we know how he looks like right now don’t we?

Very hopeful indeed….


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Day 39: Change Is The Only Constant!

The kits are changing everyday. They are growing up just like how I like them to be. I really wish I have a better camera to capture every moment. My old camera at the moment cannot take good photos at night.

I also want to dedicate this post to Mr. Bagus Amir for patiently waiting for photos!

Isn't this cute!?

This picture of Mooruku reminds me of The Nature Trail's Rio at 2 months. Could she be it?

I really do hope Mooruku will be like Rio –

A little to the sides angle...

Almost a side profile..

I love the depth of chest here!

And here come Papadoom!

Oops, overposed!

Now, that's more like it! What do ya think? A little long ears at the moment..


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Farewell Skor, You’re Always My Boy

My last chance to trance Skor...

With the heaviest of heart, I bid farewell to my favorite boy Skor. He shall begin his life as a very pampered pet Holland Lop with his new owner. Like any other goodbyes, the only consolation for me is that my boy Skor is promised a good home.

Good teeth

I am very grateful that his new owner has contacted me and shown much interest. I count my lucky stars each time someone approaches me for my rabbits and it clicks right away. There are many things we feel with our 5 senses but there are certain things that we sense with our heart – SINCERITY & HONESTY.

Clean vent

His 4 digit tattoo

Skor has done his bit in providing us a few of his offspring that has brighten up a few homes with their antics and unconditional love.

My only wish is that, he will live his life to the fullest and enjoy every single day hence forth!

Go make me proud Skor boy!

Another one to miss...


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Pet People vs Show Breeder

I was once very much a pet person. Highly compassionate and passionate about my pets that I was almost as fanatic as people in the organization that has a name that sounds like “PITA” bread. We now live in a very opinionated era where everyone has their own opinions and views. The followings are my view about pet people as observed throughout my 3 years of raising Holland Lops through the perspective of a show breeder:

1. Pet People are hard to educate

Pet people lack the knowledge and experience as compared to breeders of large scale. I have to admit that I still have much to learn as compared to my counterparts in US. Theirs are barns with 100 holes or more. They are so well versed with every single problem with the breed that it makes my biggest problem seemed petty. Coming back to this heading, I found that it is extremely hard to educate pet people not because the are stupid but most often than not, they rather believe hearsay and rumors. They fail to understand the facts most of the time.

2. Pet People do not know Holland Lops

Pet people go for cuteness first, quality 2nd. Somehow they have a weird taste or perhaps I should say, unshaped opinions. Up to today, many still do not know that a baby Holland Lop is cute, but CUTER as an adult. Many still do not know that some lines of Holland Lops take up to 24 months (2 years) to mature physically (overall outlook). All they know is the basic that rabbits mature at 6 months but little do they know that it is sexual maturity (and size) at 6 months! Give me a rabbit at 6 weeks and another at 2 years (and above), I’ll go for the latter!

3. Pet people will give up at first try

The trick to Holland Lops is to never give up! There are too much challenges with this breed that many rather be spared from all the troubles. Good thing never come easy and if you can laugh at the face of adversities, then Holland Lops are your cup of tea!

4. Pet people wants everything in pairs

Pet people think of breeding first, basic care later. I normally laugh my head off now when people ask me for a pair of Holland Lops (and on discounted price!). It is so difficult to even get just 1 and they are asking for a pair. I used to be like that too and I could remember vividly how I was “grilled” & flamed for harassment! Now I truly understand why I was treated that way.

5. Pet people have no commitments

The same people that shout for animal rights and being all compassionate about their pets are the same people that will abandon their pets in the face of adversities and circumstances that they will eventually find excuses to justify. More often than not, pets in their hands will not last their lifetime. Sad but true.

6. Pet people are too good hearted

Between life and death, pet people will of course choose life. “Oh, it was so pitiful living in that condition, I thought it would be good I provide a good home for it” sounds all too familiar. Pet people are nice to the point of patronizing the exact establishments that they should not. Buying out of pity is far worst as buying on impulse! If you really understand the psychology between a seller & buyer, many irresponsible breeders will be out of business and thus, less animals have to suffer. Sellers at times thrive on pity. If you can’t take the sight of seeing a poor little animal suffer, don’t go to the pet shops! Just get your supplies from the shelves and go home. Many pet shops can survive without selling livestocks.

There you go, 6 golden pointers to not be a PET PERSON but a pet person with a better perspective. Take the initiatives to befriend GOOGLE. You’ll be surprise how much you’ll learn through that search engine. Don’t believe anything that I say. Go find out yourself! It is fun for you to prove me wrong.



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Toilet Habits Up Close & Personal

Most rabbit people are very in tuned with their pet rabbit’s toilet habits because empty litter pan normally spells trouble. I realized today that I am not only intuned with their toilet habits but I am also very familiar with how my rabbits use their toilets. Or should I say that looking at rabbit litter pans I am able to recognize the owners? LOL!

What I can conclude is that most of my rabbits are very good with their aims except for one. Let’s walkthrough each litter pan shall we?

You can see that the stain spreads further. Skor's very good with his potty...

Haley is also very good with her toilet habits. Judging from the stain, she's very prim and proper...

Clark has got 2 targets as illustrated by the stains. That's what you get being a playboy too, you have more than 1 choice - LOL!

There is only 1 target for Thunder. He is spot on as you can see

Notice all the names were written at the bottom of the photos except for this one? I will elaborate further...

Holly Hope is the funniest when it comes to toilet habits. She goes into her litter pan nonetheless but…her butt always faces outward. And due to that reason, half of her pee will be spilling out from the sides of the litter pan while the other half is what makes up the stains. Not sure if a bigger litter pan would correct this problem. I need to give that a try. LOL!

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Update: Tru-Luv Camior

I just received an email from Alicia with some very interesting photos of her garden pets. She wanted to show me how Camior was doing. Camior was a very low profile kit but I must say she has grown to be a very beautiful young lady. I especially like her crown. She lives in the garden together with Monty the Netherland Dwarf.

According to Alicia, Camior is a very sweet doe despite being intact.

Enjoying the garden

Stains are what you get when you go "off road" all the time...

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Day 35: Mini Holland Lops Anyone?

My wife told me that she likes kits at this age because they are small and cute. The 2 kits are exactly 5 weeks today and they are 1/4 the size of mommy.

Can’t believe that in another 3 weeks they will be weaned off mommy. Here are some photos taken of them today.

Mooruku's side profile

Mooruku either having a tight crown or short ears. Either way I'm keeping her for the breeding program!

Papadoom's side profile

I hope this buck and replace Skor. Right now the ears are a little long in my opinion.

On the other hand, besides from their sizes, what I like most about kits at this age is the size of their poops! They are also 1/4 the size of adult bunny poop. Don’t believe me? Check this out…

Told ya'll so!

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Day 32: Thankful

Whenever I loose a litter of kits, looking at successful litters do give me the motivation to keep on working with this breed. Mooruku and Papadoom has grown so much now. In another 2 weeks they will be weaned off mommy’s milk. Mooruku wasn’t too cooperative posing for me this evening. Nonetheless, here they are:

Still having ear control

Cute eh?

Depth of chest for sure. Hope it stays that way!


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