Is This It, This Is It?

I was watching the tribute speech Madonna gave during the recent 2009 MTV Video Music Award. Very touching it was. For those that have missed the speech, here is the video.

I was especially touched when she said something to the effect that we take others for granted when they are around. If we look at Michael Jackson, most of us have many things in common with him especially in the events that has unfolded towards the end of his life. We are being JUDGED most of the time! Not only that, we are subjected to being BULLIED.

When I watched the video, I wondered if the music industry is as competitive one and I wonder if musicians are subjected to bickering. I believe that competition is what makes us improve. But out of the competitiveness, some may subject to backstabbing, cheating & even ganging up to bully & abuse whoever that seemed weak on the outside.

In my opinion, we cannot govern how we want others to treat us thus, it is best to stay close together with friends who appreciates us and with that, draw strength from each other and face all the adversity together.

Why am I writing all these and what does Michael Jackson has got to do with rabbits?

Please allow me to share and speak my mind.

Thousands of rabbits are gathering in San Diego as we speak. I am in no position to comment much on it since I do not have first hand experience. It would be a dream come true if I am able to attend such a prestigious rabbit event. A lot of efforts is needed to organize such a grand event. The only word that I know to sum up everything is COMPETITION.

There will even be a documentary entitled “RABBIT FEVER” highlighting what goes on behind this huge production and especially the degree of competitiveness.

I do wonder what is the motivations behind all breeders swarming into this Mother of all Nationals. Thousands taking a shot at the possibility of garnering the one Best In Show?

I am sure that there are more to it than winning. To many, it is for the friendships and to be in a common place where everyone speaks just 1 language – BUNNY LANGUAGE!

In the midst of all the competitiveness, some are also caught up in the web of bickering. Competition sometimes do breed people problems. When one takes competition too seriously, he or she may get caught up in slandering another. Isn’t that a common human trait? How we sometimes alleviate ourselves through putting others down. People act nasty when they are too caught up in the game.

Now let’s bring it all together. Have we ever stop to ponder if we are the only ones in the game, would it be or feel the same?

What I am trying to say is that we do take for granted most of the time. Just like how we take Michael Jackson for granted when he was around. Just like how we judge him when he was alive.

If I am lucky enough to be in the game, I will go for friendship anytime. Winning will be a bonus. I do hope everyone compete on level grounds without the bickerings. Besides, it is not us that win at the end of the day. It is the rabbits that win at the end of the day.

There are many breeders out there that deserves very much to win with their stocks and there are many more unethical ones that in my opinion should just get out of rabbits. All these are just my personal opinion because of how I have been wronged in the past.

We then ask ourselves, why are we breeding to hard if it is not for the win. We all breed for many reasons. And many reasons keep us doing what we do. I do not know what motivates other breeders to do what they do. I do not know why people drive 72 hours to get to convention.

But I do know, I do it for this…


The Future of Holland Lops

They are worth much more than all the bickerings in this world. Let’s bicker for all the right reasons. Let’s not bicker because someone else have something better than us. Let’s bicker because we want to get bad apples out of the basket. Let’s bicker to put those unethical ones out of business.

Let’s bicker for the good of all our beloved rabbits. Let’s bicker to ensure we safeguard the future of our rabbits!



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2 responses to “Is This It, This Is It?

  1. Aha…look at Papadoom eyes 😀

  2. lazybunnys

    THIS IS IT…. it’s a good post Tim.

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