Photographs from the 86th ARBA Convention & Show

This is the 1st time photographs of ARBA Convention are being posted on a Malaysian blog. Thanks to all friends of Tru-Luv Rabbitry especially Teri Reymann for being so gracious/generous in sharing these photos with me. More will be added as Convention is a week long event. The main reason I have requested photographs from my bunny friends is because I would like to share with my fellow Malaysians so that you know how a massive rabbit show looks like and you shall never be HOODWINKED into believing something else that will be fed to you by some quacks EVER again!

I hope you appreciate these photos because they are specially taken for all of you!


Looks familiar? This is the car that you see on the Convention flyers!


Another view of the "mascot" car


Rabbit Product Vendors


More stores at Convention


Purina's booth!

Show are separated into the OPEN and YOUTH section. Here’s are a couple of photos taken of the OPEN section:


Open section - Just look at how spacious it is!


The other OPEN section

Show officially starts tomorrow and therefore, it may seemed a little empty today.

Besides from having all day long conformation judging, there is also Rabbit Conference going on where all the experts give talks about the latest in rabbit care and management in general.

Stay tuned for more photos!



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2 responses to “Photographs from the 86th ARBA Convention & Show

  1. Hi,

    I sure hope you can give stats on who’s winning each day!


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