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Day 16: A Handful

The two little kits were bouncing around in the cage at feeding time so I decided to pick each up. I must say that they have grown so much over a short period of time. Now they can barely fit into my palm. Mooruku seemed to be rather stocky compared to Papadoom.


I promise to be good okaay....


Me too....


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Day 15: Lovey Dovey

I believe very much that “good mommy” is an inherited trait. I can remember very clearly how Noobie was with Holly Hope and now she is such a good mommy herself. Just take a look at these pictures taken last evening.



day15 002

Mooruku getting a little nudge from mommy!

I am very proud of myself for having such a clean little rabbitry. Squeky clean is just how I like it! LOL!!!

On the other hand…

day15 004

Somebun's feeling really moody today...

I totally understand how it is being hormonal especially when it happens with the girls. OUCH & LOL!

She’s sizzling HAWT and DANGEROUS!


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