Day 20: Best In Cup & Reserve Best In Cup!

After a long day at work, I came home to unwind to more of the cutie pies! The moment I open the door, I was greeted by 2 cuties…

day19 003

I think this one's a boy!

day19 001

This one's a girl!

day19 002

Perfect example of the saying "You scratch my back, I scratch your back"

I wonder how the sleepy head would look like in a little Chimpanzee Cup. LOL!

day19 005

Best In Cup goes to Mooruku!

day19 006

Reserve Best In Cup!

They are just so cute right now.



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3 responses to “Day 20: Best In Cup & Reserve Best In Cup!

  1. mei leng

    yr cuties buns really killing me softly………:)

  2. Rabbits in a cup. Hmm, I think Au would love that 🙂

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