Chestnuts Visit!

Today TLR is very honored to have a very special couple visiting and taking photographs of the rabbits. As I have mentioned many times before, friends are the most important part of this hobby and along the way, I must say that I do not have many friends in this hobby but those that I have the privilege to befriends with are very special to me. I really appreciate the CHESTNUTS dropping by Meadow Haven. I do hope they both enjoy their short stay here (wasn’t that short actually). Love the chat. If you like what you see, please visit their site and hire them at I highly recommend them to everyone! Although I watermarked the photos with TLR, they are the rightful owner of these photos and due credit must be given to them.

Thank you Chestnuts and I am sure my dear readers will be very happy to see these beautiful photos!

The kits:


The Cute Kits!


Good one by Shahfiq!


Papadoom - Macho MAN!


Don't you just wanna squeeze em!?


Thunder’s fur is growing back nicely. But I must mention that no matter how he is being shaved, this boy’s bone is super thick! Absolutely LOVE this little guy!


Just look at the STUMPY legs!

Holly Hope:


She out of condition due to nursing. She is absolutely broodish!


Skor is pretty awesome and it has been a while since he last posed for me but he did quite a good job naturally.


It has been difficult to get photos that could see his eyes


Wonders if Darlie needs an ambassador. I am sure Skor would fit!


Not too bad eh? He's for sale, inquire within!



Doing the side winder!


Side profile. Isn't he a cutie!?


Clark periscopes - You pointin' that bazooka at me?


Looking rather serious


Love this guy very much!


I have been asked which is my favorite rabbits among all that I have. My heart is normally partitioned equally among all living things that I care for. But there is a little bit more for this wonderful doe. She’s AMAZING! Adesh and Shahfiq had fun capturing her on stills. Take a look at all the poses that she could come out with. Absolutely adorable!


The best periscope captured on still thus far in my herd!


Her all time favorite pose


She's being cheeky here. Check out the tongue!


Another one of her favorite pose!


What a beauty. Depth of chest and sheer BONES!


A natural!


Don't you just love the photos and the bunnies too?

There’s somebun missing. We shall know what’s up tomorrow!


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  1. Reanne

    The future of Malaysia’s leading HL breeder rests in your hands Timothy hay. 😀

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