Amazing Collages

Thanks to Adesh for compiling these beautiful collages for me. Courtesy of…

Thunder collage

Carmel collage

Clark collage

Skor collage

Holly collage

Baby buns collage



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8 responses to “Amazing Collages

  1. Love the photo of carmel standing on her feets. Cute!

  2. darma

    Hey.. Nice wei.. Btwn.. I always drop by to have a look on whats new and today only I manage to put some comments.. Well I can see a smile on your text.. all of this coz of those 2 pinkies heheh… WAY TO GO TIM!

  3. bagus amir

    may I save these pictures to my computer?

  4. Miyin

    omg, is very very cute !!!

  5. ali

    so cute! kawaii 😉 i hope i get mine soon 😛

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