Meadow Haven = Area 51

Holland Lops – the most difficult breed to raise. I must agree and I am not ashamed to say that I have seen it all. In the span of just a few months, I have seen the worsts of Holland Lops in terms of breeding. I do not enjoy the deaths involved but I definitely enjoy the challenges that comes along with this breed. I just couldn’t believe that I am given the honor to experience it all.

Good news is, the rabbits are starting to produce again. Like a car engine, it is normally harder to start after a long and cold night. So as starters, I got 2 kits from Haley x Clark. These weren’t ordinary kits. Haley’s pregnancy lasted for 33 days (today) and I was glad she expelled the kits.

What I got was 1 fetal giant (yes, 7 inches long from tip to tail!) and I got a little cute MAX FACTOR (thanks Susie for pointing out that it is not a peanut). What a JACKPOT combination it is (that reminds me, I need to go check my lottery now – LOL).

With all these difficulties, I realized that I am only now starting to work with the purest of Holland Lops. Indeed and in case you didn’t know, Holland Lops are also known as the freak of nature. They are nothing but natural. Developed through selective breeding, these are but a few traits that has been built into the breed.

If you think that it is easy to get Holland Lops, think again. It isn’t that easy and count your blessings if you have one of those cute little droopy ear critters!

The following pictures are very explicit. These are photos that no breeders will share. This world isn’t a perfect world so in sharing these photos, I hope they will serve as reality check for all of us.

Comparing a Great Dane to a Chihuahua

Bloated little fellow

Isn't it cute? The only problem is, it's DEAD!

These are but a few problems that Holland Lop breeders face on a regular basis. If any Holland Lop breeder tells you that he/she do not get problems like these, it is as good as he/she proclaiming that his/her mother is a virgin!

If the little MAX FACTOR kit reminds me of anything at all, it would be…

Gimli the DWARF!!!



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2 responses to “Meadow Haven = Area 51

  1. Well, Tim…I’m certainly glad she expelled those babies! The most optimum time to rebreed Haley would be tomorrow! You can try breeding her to the same buck to see if she has the same kind of pregnancy, then you will know for sure that it is the combination of those two that produces litters like this. Yes, does kind of look like Gimli!! Funny…

    I’m sorry that this litter didn’t produce any viable kits, but next time…there is always a next time! Hang in there…

    Love you,

    • Thanks Teri, I am not going insane yet. Like most Holland breeders would say, “something is better than nothing”. It is a known fact that a combination of 2 true dwarfs will produce such an outcome. I am just awaiting for upcoming broods that I could use.

      Love ya back!

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