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Update: Tru-Luv Camior

I just received an email from Alicia with some very interesting photos of her garden pets. She wanted to show me how Camior was doing. Camior was a very low profile kit but I must say she has grown to be a very beautiful young lady. I especially like her crown. She lives in the garden together with Monty the Netherland Dwarf.

According to Alicia, Camior is a very sweet doe despite being intact.

Enjoying the garden

Stains are what you get when you go "off road" all the time...


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Day 35: Mini Holland Lops Anyone?

My wife told me that she likes kits at this age because they are small and cute. The 2 kits are exactly 5 weeks today and they are 1/4 the size of mommy.

Can’t believe that in another 3 weeks they will be weaned off mommy. Here are some photos taken of them today.

Mooruku's side profile

Mooruku either having a tight crown or short ears. Either way I'm keeping her for the breeding program!

Papadoom's side profile

I hope this buck and replace Skor. Right now the ears are a little long in my opinion.

On the other hand, besides from their sizes, what I like most about kits at this age is the size of their poops! They are also 1/4 the size of adult bunny poop. Don’t believe me? Check this out…

Told ya'll so!

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