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Toilet Habits Up Close & Personal

Most rabbit people are very in tuned with their pet rabbit’s toilet habits because empty litter pan normally spells trouble. I realized today that I am not only intuned with their toilet habits but I am also very familiar with how my rabbits use their toilets. Or should I say that looking at rabbit litter pans I am able to recognize the owners? LOL!

What I can conclude is that most of my rabbits are very good with their aims except for one. Let’s walkthrough each litter pan shall we?

You can see that the stain spreads further. Skor's very good with his potty...

Haley is also very good with her toilet habits. Judging from the stain, she's very prim and proper...

Clark has got 2 targets as illustrated by the stains. That's what you get being a playboy too, you have more than 1 choice - LOL!

There is only 1 target for Thunder. He is spot on as you can see

Notice all the names were written at the bottom of the photos except for this one? I will elaborate further...

Holly Hope is the funniest when it comes to toilet habits. She goes into her litter pan nonetheless but…her butt always faces outward. And due to that reason, half of her pee will be spilling out from the sides of the litter pan while the other half is what makes up the stains. Not sure if a bigger litter pan would correct this problem. I need to give that a try. LOL!


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