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Pet People vs Show Breeder

I was once very much a pet person. Highly compassionate and passionate about my pets that I was almost as fanatic as people in the organization that has a name that sounds like “PITA” bread. We now live in a very opinionated era where everyone has their own opinions and views. The followings are my view about pet people as observed throughout my 3 years of raising Holland Lops through the perspective of a show breeder:

1. Pet People are hard to educate

Pet people lack the knowledge and experience as compared to breeders of large scale. I have to admit that I still have much to learn as compared to my counterparts in US. Theirs are barns with 100 holes or more. They are so well versed with every single problem with the breed that it makes my biggest problem seemed petty. Coming back to this heading, I found that it is extremely hard to educate pet people not because the are stupid but most often than not, they rather believe hearsay and rumors. They fail to understand the facts most of the time.

2. Pet People do not know Holland Lops

Pet people go for cuteness first, quality 2nd. Somehow they have a weird taste or perhaps I should say, unshaped opinions. Up to today, many still do not know that a baby Holland Lop is cute, but CUTER as an adult. Many still do not know that some lines of Holland Lops take up to 24 months (2 years) to mature physically (overall outlook). All they know is the basic that rabbits mature at 6 months but little do they know that it is sexual maturity (and size) at 6 months! Give me a rabbit at 6 weeks and another at 2 years (and above), I’ll go for the latter!

3. Pet people will give up at first try

The trick to Holland Lops is to never give up! There are too much challenges with this breed that many rather be spared from all the troubles. Good thing never come easy and if you can laugh at the face of adversities, then Holland Lops are your cup of tea!

4. Pet people wants everything in pairs

Pet people think of breeding first, basic care later. I normally laugh my head off now when people ask me for a pair of Holland Lops (and on discounted price!). It is so difficult to even get just 1 and they are asking for a pair. I used to be like that too and I could remember vividly how I was “grilled” & flamed for harassment! Now I truly understand why I was treated that way.

5. Pet people have no commitments

The same people that shout for animal rights and being all compassionate about their pets are the same people that will abandon their pets in the face of adversities and circumstances that they will eventually find excuses to justify. More often than not, pets in their hands will not last their lifetime. Sad but true.

6. Pet people are too good hearted

Between life and death, pet people will of course choose life. “Oh, it was so pitiful living in that condition, I thought it would be good I provide a good home for it” sounds all too familiar. Pet people are nice to the point of patronizing the exact establishments that they should not. Buying out of pity is far worst as buying on impulse! If you really understand the psychology between a seller & buyer, many irresponsible breeders will be out of business and thus, less animals have to suffer. Sellers at times thrive on pity. If you can’t take the sight of seeing a poor little animal suffer, don’t go to the pet shops! Just get your supplies from the shelves and go home. Many pet shops can survive without selling livestocks.

There you go, 6 golden pointers to not be a PET PERSON but a pet person with a better perspective. Take the initiatives to befriend GOOGLE. You’ll be surprise how much you’ll learn through that search engine. Don’t believe anything that I say. Go find out yourself! It is fun for you to prove me wrong.




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