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Farewell Skor, You’re Always My Boy

My last chance to trance Skor...

With the heaviest of heart, I bid farewell to my favorite boy Skor. He shall begin his life as a very pampered pet Holland Lop with his new owner. Like any other goodbyes, the only consolation for me is that my boy Skor is promised a good home.

Good teeth

I am very grateful that his new owner has contacted me and shown much interest. I count my lucky stars each time someone approaches me for my rabbits and it clicks right away. There are many things we feel with our 5 senses but there are certain things that we sense with our heart – SINCERITY & HONESTY.

Clean vent

His 4 digit tattoo

Skor has done his bit in providing us a few of his offspring that has brighten up a few homes with their antics and unconditional love.

My only wish is that, he will live his life to the fullest and enjoy every single day hence forth!

Go make me proud Skor boy!

Another one to miss...



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