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Day 39: Change Is The Only Constant!

The kits are changing everyday. They are growing up just like how I like them to be. I really wish I have a better camera to capture every moment. My old camera at the moment cannot take good photos at night.

I also want to dedicate this post to Mr. Bagus Amir for patiently waiting for photos!

Isn't this cute!?

This picture of Mooruku reminds me of The Nature Trail's Rio at 2 months. Could she be it?

I really do hope Mooruku will be like Rio – http://www.thenaturetrail.com/RiosPage.htm.

A little to the sides angle...

Almost a side profile..

I love the depth of chest here!

And here come Papadoom!

Oops, overposed!

Now, that's more like it! What do ya think? A little long ears at the moment..



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