Day 39: Change Is The Only Constant!

The kits are changing everyday. They are growing up just like how I like them to be. I really wish I have a better camera to capture every moment. My old camera at the moment cannot take good photos at night.

I also want to dedicate this post to Mr. Bagus Amir for patiently waiting for photos!

Isn't this cute!?

This picture of Mooruku reminds me of The Nature Trail's Rio at 2 months. Could she be it?

I really do hope Mooruku will be like Rio –

A little to the sides angle...

Almost a side profile..

I love the depth of chest here!

And here come Papadoom!

Oops, overposed!

Now, that's more like it! What do ya think? A little long ears at the moment..



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2 responses to “Day 39: Change Is The Only Constant!

  1. bagus amir

    finally, i’ve been waiting for photos for so long…
    just like yesterday they were so small and skinless.
    but now they are ready to blossom.

    thank you so much for making my day a lot better now.

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