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Day 41: Early Uglies!

My poor old camera can only take decent photos during the day. The lighting seemed to be perfect this morning so I decided to snap a few photos of the kits. They have grown and especially their ears. I am totally in for short ears but I am not too certain what is the determining factor to the length of the ears – genetics or temperature. It is a fact that rabbits loses their body heat through their ears. The bigger the surface of their ears, the faster they can release heat from their body as they do not sweat.

My hope is that, their ears will grow longer/bigger faster but genetics would be the final determinant factor of the sizes. Which means, it is genetics that govern the size of the ears in whichever growth rate they are going through. I usually notice as the ears pull longer/bigger, the size of the heads are compromised. Natural selection takes generations to materialize but I am not sure if it is faster with rabbits.

I knew Mooruku's ears will be shorter because it took longer for them to drop

I like the bones!

Will definitely give Papadoom time to grow up...


Round 2 of comparison goes to the Broken Black, Mooruku. I have got a feeling she’s going to turn out to be an awesome doe!

I am going to just grow this 2 out and let them take their time to develop. The reason is because of this photo:

This is Clark when he was much younger. The 2 kits look almost similar around this age. And when he blossomed into a handsome buck, we know how he looks like right now don’t we?

Very hopeful indeed….



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