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Day 43: Looking Back

I am trying out some photos with Christmas backdrop. Hoping that I’ll have time for a nice Christmas photo session for all the rabbits in Meadow Haven. Mooruku is indeed growing really pretty. I am starting to like her a lot compared to Papadoom. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will develop nicely as time passes.

Papadoom wasn't too happy to pose today - LOL!

This is the most natural pose for today with a little ear control

Don't mess with me!

Mid way through the photo session, our friend decided to play with the Christmas tree ornaments. Chewing on the synthetic leaves – LOL! Silly little fellow. While doing that, he showed me the BUM!

Busy body!

I truly understand why young bucks are not suitable for 4-H showmanship! LOL!

Don’t you feel that it is Christmas already!?

Not my favorite photo but this shows something I liked about Mooruku

She's really cute don't you think?

Best pose of the day!

This is my favorite photo. It is very difficult to take photos of Broken Blacks with this camera and how clear the eye turned out really makes this my favorite! I like the blur effect too...

I was thinking how did these 2 kits fair at this tender age of 6 weeks as compared to kits I have in the past. This is one of the main reason why I love blogging as it helps me remember almost everything for me. I have very bad memory so I depend on this blog to tell me what has taken place in the past. And as comparison, here are photos of 3 other kits at 6 weeks old.

Holly Hope herself


Moesha, she was really stunning at 6 weeks!

As you can see, Mooruku & Papadoom have very different look at this stage. It is way too early to tell. Let’s wait till 3 months and then 6 months. There will be more development up to 24 months!



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