Bunny Pains #1

I suddenly felt the urge of writing short stories today. Inspired by the successes of the likes of One Tree Hill and Sweet Valley High (I don’t actually read them but was quite curious how my cousin got hooked on it), I hope this series will be a success among the youth breeders everywhere. I am sure you all can relate to the plots as we go through it. Maybe some of you may want to continue the plots for me as we go through. So here’s the first serving of the Bunny Pains series:

“Tasha, don’t you think he’s such a cutie?”

“Move along now, will you? We’re here for Hollands National not New Zealand White National”

“It doesn’t hurt just to admire”

“Another minute and we’ll miss Baxtor being judged. I could see them in their coops already!”

Beth & Tasha hurried along to the Holland Lops section where the Solid Junior Bucks are being judge by Judge Roland Jones.

“There he is, I hope he get picked”

“Beth, look over towards Aunt Teri. There she is again showing you some signs with those filthy fingers”

“Come on Tasha, let’s not go there. It is just not worth our time”

“Beth, I wonder how long you’ll put up with her bad antics”

“Let’s just put it this way, she’s the last of my worries. Let’s hope Baxtor get his leg today, that’s all that matters right now”

“I bet sainthood is for you. I on the other hand, would not put up with such nonsense”

“She is probably bitter about every single thing around her. Didn’t you see how her mommy showed in OPEN with the same attitude?”

“Yeah, bad traits run in the family. You just need to cull hard!”

“You’re too funny. I really wonder how you cull bad people”

“You neuter them?”

The both giggled and silently watched while Judge Roland examined Baxtor.

“We have with us today ten very handsome bucks in the Solid Junior Buck class”

Putting his hands into Baxtor’s coop, Judge Roland pulled him out and posed him on the table.

“What I like about this little guy is definitely his head, the short ears and the great width on his shoulders. See how it smoothly goes down all the way to his hindquarters?”

He then pulled out another rabbit from its coop.

“I really like this little guy as well. I absolutely adore his front end especially the depth of chest seen here. I really don’t know, it is definitely a hard decision. But I would personally go for an overall good stocky body where more points are allocated”

Everyone was holding their breath at this point as Judge Roland announces the 1st place Solid Junior Buck.

“1st Solid Junior Buck goes to #10”

“Tasha, did you hear what I hear or am I hearing things?”

“I was about to ask you the same question. Can this be true? It is Baxtor!”

Tina looks on from across the show room with a heart fueled with anguish and envy. Beth and Tasha were too busy celebrating their victory as Baxtor went on to win Best of Breed in the Youth category.

To Be Continued…

Stay tuned for more plots from victory to sorrow as Beth and Tasha grow up together in the Rabbit Show room. Go through all the bashing, deceptions, bullying, backstabbing, joys, rejections and peer pressures as Youth Holland Lop breeders.


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