Day 45: Christmas props try outs

Top on my Christmas wish list is a brand new DSLR camera. The reason is simple, just look at how bad these photos came out to be. They just do not do the bunnies justice. I need to engage some professional help soon!!!

Right now I really love Mooruku because at 6.5 weeks, she is showing some potential. Papadoom is just very weird or perhaps I should blame it on the lousy camera that I am using right now. I hate it when what I see is not what I get when I open up the photos on the computer.

Papadoom is a PIG nosed Holland Lop - LOL! Some people see a heart shape though. I think the Christmas tree is uglier!

MoooOOOoruku-licioussSSsss. Depth of chest, nice top line and wide shoulders that smooths out unto the hindquarter! Long ears is the only YUCK for me right now...



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2 responses to “Day 45: Christmas props try outs

  1. bagus amir

    hi tim,

    may be you should post an article how to handle bunny to cooperate and easy to pose in photo session.

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