Week 7: Weanlings!

I was at Jaya One today for the Pets Day Out event. A big congratulations to the organizers for doing a great job bringing pet people together. I saw many scorpions, tortoises, snakes which are among the exotics besides from the regular dogs, cats and rabbits. I was there to give my little moral support to Pet Epicure and their “cats for adoption” drive. For those who are interested or know people who might be interested to adopt cats, please drop by Pet Epicure’s website. We were in time to watch the dog obedience demo. I think the Silky Terrier deserves a super obedient award.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the event happen to be the deplorable sight that I witnessed in one of the booths where more than 20 baby rabbits were cramped into 3 feet cages each and a cage with some underage kits. I thought they look rather underage and felt pretty fed up to even take photos of them. So much has been said and I believe enough have been said. I later obtained these photos from a friend who happen to be there as well.

These are probably 2 weeks old (max) baby rabbits and probably from larger mixed breeds.

Look at the white/gray one. You can roughly tell that it is underage because its fur has yet to “fluff” up. And as a comparison, here’s Mooruku at Day 12, you can see a little similarity:

The bigger one right in the centre is probably the only bunny that is almost 6 weeks old

Please note that I am not trying to defame anyone. Just for awareness purposes as it will do both buyers and sellers good in the long run. If underage bunnies die in the hands of the buyers, it would give the sellers a bad name so I believe it is a win-win situation to get everyone educated and thus saving innocent lives too.

In TLR on the other hand, I weaned Mooruku and Papadoom off mommy at 7th week this weekend. They both now have their own space to grow up. They binky all the time and the cages make them look really tiny.

Papadoom being inquisitive!


And what do I get? She showed me her BUM! She ought to see how those poor little bunnies get cramped into a 3 feet cage!



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6 responses to “Week 7: Weanlings!

  1. mei leng

    before i have my Coco and June, i was one of those people who love “small and cute” little bunny. Now, i am totally opposite, i do not like to c those kind of bunny, not because i hate them but i can’t stop to feel sad for them. this has often reminded me of those country which still employ child labour, children as young as ten years old are being employed for hard labour……..those little bunnies situation are like that…..it is really cruel and sad…..

  2. yueyi

    i saw those bunnies..they are so small that they can be place on my palm…pity those bunnies..there’s not even water provided..

    Muruku ought to be more greatfull..hahaha..but i guess she misses her mummy and brother

    Aiks!! it’s snowing on your blog

  3. this picture reminded us of the moment we bought bugsy, he was underage and very scared of everything 😦 he can fit on my palm..with mites and dirty fur and smelly fur…i don’t think anybody else would want to buy him that time…and few visits to vet for mites injection…and now he is one happy bun! feel like a rescuer now…hihihi…but i loathe people selling underage bunny…u can easily track them in mudah..lelong…other webby..

    lesson learnt : don’t buy underage bunny..and we are more keen to have bunnies with age 3-4 months and above at least 😀

  4. cuteRabbit

    I was looking for 3 months old bunnies but ended with underage bunnies. I bought 6 of them just to save them from people who will buy them just bcoz they are cute and not knowing at least the basic knowledge to keep them as a pet..
    I feel sorry for other underage bunnies ….

  5. Rare Bit

    Pet shops owner like to buy bunnies at this age.. they just thinking of money only…

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