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Ivy Crescent’s Haley

I noticed that I have not written much about this doe that will be the heart of my herd. If asked what is the perfect example of a Holland Lop that I have in mind, I’ll definitely point to Haley’s head. I share the same preference with Scott Rodriguez’ idea of how a Holland Lop’s head should be. Scott always mentioned that a Holland has got to have a head and I couldn’t agree more. Look at Hollands that place in most shows today and you will notice the massive heads. I strongly believe that a Holland Lop’s head is what makes it “bulldoggish”. Together with a massive typey body, it creates the cutest of all rabbits.

Every breeder breeds for certain styles and I love the heads on the rabbits that Scott breeds. Each time I see Haley, I feel really proud to have her. I wish that I could continue developing this trait in my lines.

At last, a decent side profile of Haley!

Isn't she the cutest bunny?

A heas so massive, it is easy to mistaken her for a buck!



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