When It All Begins: The History Of Tru-Luv Rabbitry

Just a blink of an eye, almost 3 years has passed since I set my eyes on the first Holland Lop on the internet. It was The Nature Trail’s Rio that got the ball rolling. Prior to discovering Holland Lops on the internet, my interest in this breed started way back in year 2000, which is 3 years after the first edition of Encyclopaedia of Rabbits & Rodents by Esther Verhoef – Verhallen (ISBN: 1840530677) was published in 1997.

It was that 2 cute Holland Lop kits that started it all

If you ask me today, I would say that it is strange that the book mixed both rodents and rabbits together but back then it did not cross my mind that rodents and rabbits are under different subclasses. I felt it was a complete guide for a pet lover like me and I still think this book ROCKS! The rabbit breeds written were mostly European breeds and I am very glad that the Holland Lop got a very thorough mention.

Being a pet lover, the pets section is all that I paid attention to whenever I visit the bookstore and the bookstore happen to be one of my favorite hang out places. I happen to have purchased this book back in 1998. I also have my parents to thank for nurturing this interest and love for animals in me that now I find to be one of the most important characteristics a child has got to acquire especially in this world today.

I bred my first pair of rabbits at age 8 though I started having pets much earlier. We have ornamental fishes all the time as my father have a huge pond with Japanese Koi in it. We also have dogs all the time as they guarded the house very faithfully.


Come to think about it, I have always kept my rabbits in separate cages. In year 2000, I actually got myself a little lop ear doe with my meager allowance and this little doe was vicious. She has got the worst attitude. The last rabbit from that herd of 5 passed away in year 2003 and I did not have any rabbits since until end of 2006.

Thinking back, rabbits really were and will always be the joy of my life. Wonder how life would be without rabbits. Glad that I still have this wonderful pet today. I believe rabbits will always be apart of the family in many generations to come…

Isn't that precious?



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5 responses to “When It All Begins: The History Of Tru-Luv Rabbitry

  1. SO preshhhhhhhhh… It’s important to nurture the next generation with beautiful things and respect to life… i’d agree to that.. from the looks of it.. i’d say its a job well done! 😉

  2. yueyi

    nice capture…lovely picture

  3. I want to kidnap the BUNNY OF THE LAST PHOTO!!!!!!

  4. msiangrp

    your back days memories are wonderful,seems like i lost my childhood days of keeping pets,coz none in my family supported me.

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