In Search Of New Names

The time has finally come to rename these 2 babies and they are suppose to be tattoo-ed anytime now but I have yet to get 2 more digits that I need so tattooing just have to wait a little while longer.

I don’t feel so well today so I am not gonna crack my head for new names too. I’ll just put that idea behind my mind and will get to it soon.

Here’s some photos of the 2 cutie pies…

Mooruku's side profile

Looking really cute!

Will get better in time...I hope...LOL

Papadoom's side profile

Front, I am loving it....

My favorite photo of him thus far

Hope they grow into their ears. That would be nice…



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2 responses to “In Search Of New Names

  1. yueyi

    hmmm…how about brandon and branda/brandy since both are siblings

  2. bagus amir

    clark kent for papadoom and maybe barbarella for mooruku?

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