Carmel as sweet as caramel

I sometimes wonder how breeders with over 30 rabbits in their barn chooses their favorite bunnies. I am very glad that each and every rabbit that I have raised and owned so far is my personal favorite in their own special ways. I feel very fortunate to have a herd of rabbits where each and everyone is my favorite. It is so hard for me to answer the question of which is really my favorite because my heart is basically equally divided for each and everyone of them.

Today is Carmel’s day out and after giving her a little brushing, I decided to take a few shots of her. I found that she is very hard to pose but if left alone, she poses very well naturally. She’ll always give me the “don’t touch me, I know how to do it myself” kind of look whenever I try to pose her.

I know it has been quite monotonous as I have been posting a lot of show pose photos of the rabbits. I thought of sharing some candid shot of her. It is pretty hard to get candid shots of her because she is such a natural poser. LOL!

My favorite side profile of Carmel thus far...

I like to squeeze her really tight!!!

Just love the crown and the cute ears!!!



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3 responses to “Carmel as sweet as caramel

  1. yueyi

    i have decided…I’M GONNA KIDNAP THIS ONE

  2. yueyi

    you!!!!! U know i like carmel…ahhhh..but she’ so hard to resist..(calm down-breath)

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