A cup of tea to greet 2010

I always admire young entrepreneurs especially those that uses their creativity in their venture. I recently struck a conversation with someone on my chat list that I have totally forgotten about and came to know that he is in an interesting business. He deals with printing but not the conventional type mind you. I believe he has been around for quite a while and only recently that I took notice.

After browsing through the samples, I thought it would be nice to get a little “customized” mug for myself. I am proud to say that I now own a truluvrabbitry.com mug – LOL!

How cool it is to wake up every morning to have a cup of tea looking at my bunnies!

I always enjoy a good service and Samuel was kind enough to go through all the interesting facts about his business at great length. What I love most about his business is the convenience. I don’t need to budge from my seat because his is an online business. All I did was to send him a picture and transfer some funds through the internet and my customized mug arrives in 2 working days!

What a lengthy post just to talk MUG? Here’s some photos and as usual, Carmel as a good model. LOL!

Isn't this cool?

Just look at the pretty model - LOL!

Full view of the cup!

Conclusion, satisfaction guaranteed!

For customized mugs, please visit http://cysgift.blogspot.com/ and for BUNNY MODELS/CAM-WHORES, please email truluvrabbitry@gmail.com !!!

* MUGS & BUNNY, each sold separately!



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4 responses to “A cup of tea to greet 2010

  1. yueyi

    i also want that mug…and also carmel…hehehe

  2. Susie

    You and your big ego Tim… Lol, JK! ;P I love it!!! I’ll take 20 ^_^ 😛

    Susie 🙂

  3. WAH! TLR now have their cup for sale! 😀 good, good.

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