Auspicious Tattoo Numbers!

This time around, I tried my hands on using 4 digits tattoo numbers for Balian and Sibylla. Did I say 4 digits!? Oh yeah, the favorite weekend past time for most of us here in Malaysia and also in many other countries is buying the lottery numbers. In Malaysia, we have what we call the Unholy Trinity in the name of Magnum, Toto & Da Ma Cai.

Since I am going to use 4 digits for their tattoos, I figured that I must use auspicious numbers in order to fit into our gambling culture or addiction. Today, I peeled off the dried ink on both their left ear to reveal my success!

If you can make out the numbers, make sure you run to the nearest lottery shop to bet on these numbers. And if you win, I hope you come get your lucky bunnies!

And if you thought that only the Flowerhorn (Cichlids) fishes are capable of revealing numbers, think again. Here are some numbers for you!



P.S.: TLR do not encourage gambling. Kids don’t try this at home (I mean the gambling) !


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