We’ve got Thunder’s babies!

I am so happy to announce that we finally have babies out of Ivy Crescent’s Thunder. YeahoooOooooo…

I just love that sight!

Another good news is that, wordpress.com has added statistics for the Home Page and I am getting more accurate hit counts to my blog now. YeahooOOOooo….



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6 responses to “We’ve got Thunder’s babies!

  1. Bagus amir

    How many?
    I can’t wait to see the development of them
    did you count How many bunny babies have been delivered in your rabbitry until now?

    • I do keep records of the number of litters and kits born in TLR but of course what is the use of disclosing them on the blog?

      I no longer feel comfortable and happy sharing my knowledge and henceforth, I am just going to post what I think is necessary to brighten up my own day and I hope whatever I post will brighten up my readers’ day too!

      It sucks to know that there are so many LEECHES out there sucking you dry and I hate that feeling.

  2. yueyi

    who’s the mummy?Holly Hope?heeeeeeheeee

  3. How cute!!! i love your site! I recently got a bunny myself =D

  4. Sam

    Of course la, he puts freaking lotsa effort in it man.. 😀

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