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A Far Cry

Before 2009 came to a close, I sorted out all the pictures I have taken of my rabbits and something caught my attention.

Let’s take a closer look to what caught my attention:

One of my Ol' Skool broodies!

OMG! Can you believe it?

Now compare that to this:

Big difference right?

The funny thing is, I now realized how difficult it was back then for my Holland Lop breeder friends to comment on my rabbits. For instance, back then Laurie was the only person I knew through her blog and each time I asked her to evaluate my rabbits, it seemed really difficult for her to comment. But she did point out the good points that my rabbit have and also I knew how much work is needed to get to where I wanted to be. I truly understand what a difficult position she was in at that moment! I found this really funny and hilarious.

Just imagine if you’re driving a BMW and someone comes and ask you about the Sang Kancil. It is just 2 different leagues and it would be very difficult to pass judgment as both have their value and worth on different levels.

Have a nice Wednesday everyone!



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