Trust Me, They Are Only 12 Weeks Old!

I am glad that my blog statistics is back to normal now. Really baffles me how the heck it went up to 1229 hits for yesterday alone. I hope it will get there on a daily basis and TLR do get up to 1229 fans – LOL!

Anyhow, decided to have a little photo shoot of the kits. Posing them on the table makes me feel that they have both grown up as they no longer look like babies to me but in fact they are only 12 weeks old.

Hope these photos will brighten up your weekend!

Tru-Luv Sibylla


That's what they call bone?

Tru-Luv Balian is too awesome right now!

Do you agree?

And BTW, here’s one of Thunder’s kits:

Another cutie in the making!


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One response to “Trust Me, They Are Only 12 Weeks Old!

  1. yueyi

    my how they grown…beauties

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