Taking Orders Now!

Dear Bunny Lovers (I presume you did not stumble across my blog by accident),

I am currently planning out for a shipment of rabbits scheduled in March/April 2o1o. I have put much thoughts into this and felt that it would be the best for the rabbit community in Malaysia at large. Most of you have expressed interest in owning fully imported rabbits and this could be the best arrangement to help everyone out!

Most of you are not willing to pay (of course!) but at the same time want imported qualities and also only 1 or 2 rabbits (to try out). So the best thing to do now, is for us share out the shipping cost.

Advantages include:

1. You get cheaper rates compared to shipping alone in small amount

2. Quality & health will be assured as we will help source out with your interest on mind

3. No more outrageous rules & regulations imposed by breeders i.e. only MALES available

4. No more outrageous prices for sub standard rabbits

5. Reliable sources

6. Delivery to your doorstep (Klang Valley)


1. Email me truluvrabbitry@gmail.com (serious inquiries only!)

2. Agree upon budget

3. Sign an agreement (ship at own risk)

4. Pay the amount agreed upon

5. I will source and show photos of rabbits picked

6. You agree on rabbits

7. I get them shipped and deliver them to you!

Disclaimer clause(s):

1. Ship at your own risk

2. Qualities of rabbits commensurate with prices! We work on the “PAY PEANUTS GET MONKEY” basis!

3. Prices of rabbits commensurate with the DISTANCE needed to TRAVEL too!

4. We can help source for good OTHER breeds (i.e.  Netherland Dwarfs, Lionhead, American Fuzzy Lops, Jersey Woollies, Mini Satin, Mini Rex, Californian & etc) too!

5. We can arrange for shipping to countries outside of Malaysia too! Foreign friends please email me!

Now, let’s flood me with emails and more importantly, let’s get GOOD STUFF!



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