All Things Cute & Beautiful

I grew up with a lot of cute things around me. I really appreciate cute and beautiful things just like any ordinary person. There is no wonder why even as an adult, I cannot help but to be attracted to cute things and somehow these cute things kept on appearing before my eyes – LOL!

As you can see, I don’t have much to say. I believe that sometimes bloggers do write tons of crap too!

I know, better show some photos eh?

Alf, Gizmo & Garfield - Aren't these cute?

Java loves cute ducky too!

Haley likes to look cute too!

A cute kiss from Sibylla? Muakz!

Ready, Set....

Break Dancing bunny anyone?


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One response to “All Things Cute & Beautiful

  1. yueyi

    aiyeeeeeeeee i balik 1 week got new babies to drool over adi…black beauty so nice.look at the ears..chincilla make sure his babies take over thunder poster on the box ya…how many kits all together?

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