Bon Voyage Tru-Luv Balian

If there is one rabbit that I’ll probably regret not keeping at this moment is Tru-Luv Balian. I don’t mean it in a bad way though. I wish he was a doe so that I could keep him for the breeding program. But all is well and good because he is now proudly owned by a little girl, Meg & her family. Meg’s mom has agreed not to neuter him in case I need to use him as a stud. But if he do not behave (bringing down the Golden Shower or play target practice), there goes his precious jewels.

I felt it was appropriate to let Balian go because I still have both his parents and two herd bucks are all I need at the moment.

Both these kits will be 3 months old tomorrow and I took a few photos of them.

Having a head moult at the moment

Looking good

I really love this little guy

A nice little bunny for a cute little baby!

Little perky guy!

Already being spoiled rotten with a nice cage & lots of hay!

Being curious and adventurous



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2 responses to “Bon Voyage Tru-Luv Balian

  1. yueyi

    ^^ balian is really handsome right now…may u have a good home and be a good companion to the little gal

  2. I saw the real BALIAN! Is very very adorable,like a little sheep, and the colour is gorgeos! The quality can easily fight any of our local pet store selling of “Holland Lop”!

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