The Run’s Back!

After almost a month without the run, it is finally back in business. I was having problem with rabbits digging up newspaper that I line underneath the wood shaving beddings. I finally stop procrastinating and bought a piece of huge wire mesh to line the bottom of the play pen so that they will not be able to dig the newspaper up.

Wonder how long the cleanliness will last...

Also, glad to announce that baby Knee-Yo has its eyes opened today. Thanks to the tip given by a dear friend, I gathered my little family around to welcome this little kit into this world when I gave it a help opening its eyes. It is good to help at day 11 if they are still closed to avoid blindness. As I split the eyes open, we whispered “Welcome to the world little one”. Thanks Colleen for this wonderful “tradition” that I will sure to practice for the rest of my rabbit raising days.

Can you see my little bunny teeth?

Another thing that I noticed is how unavoidable it is not to have black colored Hollands in my herd. Honestly, I do not really fancy black Hollands all that much because it is so difficult to capture photos of them. Unfortunately, black is one of the most dominant color if you go through color genetics.

Then again, who cares about color when type is all we need? I hope Knee-Yo will turn out well.

As you can see, it is very difficult to capture photos of a black rabbit


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  1. yueyi

    If u dun wan Knee-yo can always give it to me..hehehehehehe…will take it with open arms…what’s not to like

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