Tru-Luv Knee-Yo Day 15

“Black till it shines”, said my wife.

That’s exactly what this 15 day old is. Among other traits that I notice is the wideness & short ears. I hope they stay that way. At this age, nothing is for certain. Right now anything can look like a miniature Thunder. LOL!

Enjoy these photos…

Love the paws!

Shorty ears!



Lazy little fellow...

Hi, down under!



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4 responses to “Tru-Luv Knee-Yo Day 15

  1. yueyi

    knee-yo real black beauty…wahhh miniature black thunder would be awesome!!

  2. Susie

    I think you have one fine kit right there time, chunky and round. Look at the head!


  3. Reanne

    I hate u Tim….

  4. msiangrp

    nice photos……hope it gonna thunder you in future…LOL

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