Everlasting Hobby

Some of the Holland breeders I know have been raising rabbits for the past 30 years or so. I really have very high regards for them because of all the experiences acquired through the years. I dare not estimate how long I will be in this hobby but I do hope it will last forever.

But for many I dare say it is just a passing phase like anything and everything in their lives. Hobby in its real definition is something to occupy one’s free time. It is sometimes referred to as Favorite Pastimes. And I wonder what happens to pets when there is no time – LOL!

It is very easy for us to forget that when we bring a pet home, our lifestyle changes for better or for worst. The pet becomes so intertwined with our lives that special arrangements must be made and most of the time, many considerations must be made with our beloved pet in mind.

For most of us, when we find ourselves in need to prioritize, our pets would be the very first to get booted.

I was at the bookshop last evening browsing through the pet magazines. It is already 2010 and all I see are pet magazines featuring only CATS & DOGS. It is very sad and it is as though, there isn’t any other species fitting to be pets.

Is it because rabbits are highly dispensable?

Rather let a cheap rabbit die than to spend vet fees that could cover the cost of 10 other rabbits?

Rabbits are smelly? – this is the biggest stigmata and myth attached to rabbits to date!

And the list goes on and I am sure everyone has something bad to say about rabbits. An average age for a rabbit is 7 years.

My hope is that those having and will be having a TLR rabbit last at least for that 7 years in the hobby. It is not a sacred wedding but at least promise the little rabbit that you are about to bring home “Till Death Do Us Part” like how you would tell it to your spouse on your wedding day.

“Till Death Do Us Part”


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  1. msiangrp

    thoughtful post Tim……but sad to hear tht a lifespan of rabbit is only upto 7 years !!!

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