I don’t know why I have chosen this title but Superstar by Luther Vandross seemed to be one of my favorite songs. Anyway, it is very early in the morning right now and the real reason is that I just can’t think straight let alone come up with a good title for this post.

Tried capturing photos of little Knee-Yo this evening. Trust me when I say it was the most excruciating photo session ever! My camera just can’t register the black object in him. Poor me and poor him. But thanks to some pointers from a dear friend, I was able to capture a few decent photos of him. Didn’t I tell you that there is perfection in the midst of imperfection? This is so true when Knee-Yo’s blind white eye was the only contrast my camera could capture. Thus, these photos are much clearer.

Do you believe me now how difficult it is to capture a black bunny?

Could be better...

Heli"chopter" ear...

Love this cutie...

I also capture some photos of Sibylla who needs to get her head puffed up with fur.

Acting cute!

Looking more like daddy...

Could be better with higher head mount

Java a.k.a. Brown Sugar was cam-whoring for me too. I can’t resist so I snapped some of her too…

Give me a little pat on the head will ya?



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4 responses to “Superstars!

  1. seeing all ur bunnies photo bringing back my gedikness towards rabbit! LOL!

  2. No one should quit having rabbits. I don’t think you will quit entirely…

  3. msiangrp

    cute little blacky

  4. My goodness!! I like the black one!!!!!!

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