Quick Preview

Just a little sneak peak for my readers on some of the new additions at Meadow Haven…



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9 responses to “Quick Preview

  1. yueyi

    CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!!!! I want….eeeeeekkkkkk.i’ve been waiting for this update everyday…

  2. eeeekk..so cute! i squeeze can? ­čśŤ

  3. jo

    all healthy and looking good!! great start for 2010, eh?! cheers

  4. darma

    Hey!!! nice2..

  5. yueyi

    oh ok..Torts bunniesss!!!…cant wait to the the mini Thunders and Javas…they are so adorable now..

  6. msiangrp

    skin luks like woolen cloth….adorable one….

  7. Hi, I am fairly new to the rabbit world, and your babies look sort of like mine right now, would you mind telling me if these are black or blue torts? Thank you, and by the way, I love your blog!

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