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FurryButts @ Meadow Haven

Since we are unable to get updates from http://furrybutts.wordpress.com, we brought the entire clan out and parked them at Meadow Haven – LOL!

That just doesn’t sound right at all. The truth is that SB will be away for the Chinese New Year celebration and Buttons, Yohji & Bailey just do not have anywhere else to go. Honestly, I do not normally take it boardings but I just can’t refuse the FurryButts! So here they are and boy am I glad to have them. The three of them will be so pampered and my first project with them is manicure and pedicure – LOL!

Does that mean that I am not gonna have a life come CNY? Oh well, isn’t it the year of the rabbit? LOL!!! You guessed it right, I am having a Tiger Bunny year!

I just hope that Buttons and Yohji will get used to the smaller space that I am providing for them. Here are some pics of them and I sure hope they do them justice!

Bailey getting used to the new environment

I am a house bunny you moron, why am I behind bars?

Buttons striking a pose like the usual



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Rock-A-Bye Babies

To tell you the truth, I just can’t recognize these 4 individually. It is hard to even recognize twin just imagine quadruplets. Whenever I see these 4, it is as though I see stars after hitting my head on the wall (I don’t normally do that but you get what I mean).

Don't they look angelic?

Don't they look angelic?

My little big sleepy head...

Another little sleepy head

Perhaps a little drunk?

And a little itch!

And off I go! (Eye of the tiger music please)


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