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Three weeks torts

It has been a really hectic weekend and beginning of the week. I absolutely love the traffic around KL these days and I hope everyone just don’t Balik “from” Kampung.

Before I move on to the good stuff, I am sad to say that we lost Knee-Yo on the 1st day of CNY. We found him dead in the cage when we returned from reunion dinner. I am not sure what really happened to him but I suspect the cause of death is cardiac arrest due to loud noises. A week back when I was using the vacuum cleaner, I noticed Knee-Yo running and crashing unto the sides of the cage. I had to stop immediately. I believe that he must have gotten a scare from the loud firecracker noises. I dread leaving the bunnies alone every Chinese New Year due to this reason. Anyway, I try not to allow this to dampen my spirit in the midst of this festive season. R.I.P. Little Knee-Yo.

On the other hand, the little torts are growing up well and they are so very cute right now. They are really feisty and bouncy. I finally found some ideas for props so that my pictures wouldn’t look so plain. Unfortunately, they ended up eating non stop and showing me their bums instead!

Here are some photos and I hope you like them.

Caught red handed for polluting the food bowl!

Another one checking me out!

Don't you dare invade our food!

Synchronized chewing...

The littlest of the litter

All in a row...

It's hard to take a perfect picture

I love my Chubby Pets Garden hay!



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