I am trying to refrain myself from bragging and showing off so much, but I just can’t help it. I just need to share cute photos!

Today I had a little time to do a little photo shoot and the outcome was fantastic!

I could not recognize 2 of the 4 kits so I had to make a mark using permanent marker on their right ears. That will help me remember who’s who – LOL!

Kit #1

#1 again, I totally love his flat face and big head!

#1 striking a pose!

Then I place #2 on the table and boy did I get blown away!

#2 posing well

#2 cute bum shot

#2 with a good front shot

This pose of #2 totally blew me away!

The cutest kit I have ever seen in my rabbitry!

#1 and #2 reminds me a lot of Thunder. I absolutely love this cross and I hope that many more will follow…

#3 looks exactly like Brown Sugar aka Java even with the darker tone

Bones and Head!

Just can't get enough of them! #3 again!

Kit #4 is a pretty small. It has a small body with a huge head. So huge that it just can’t keep its head up – LOL!

#4 is the only one that did not need a mark. Just can't keep its head up - LOL!

#4 just can't stop showing me the bum!

So cute that you just have to squeeze it sometimes.....

These kits are by far the best that I ever had in a long time. I must thank Scott Rodriguez of Ivy Crescent Rabbitry and Teri Reymann of Sonshine Rabbitry for their sire and dam. Absolutely love this cross and will not think twice to do it again!

And by the way, I saw Tru-Luv Mirrhi today at my friends place while we went visiting. She has grown so much and I must say that she has quite a nice crown.

Quite good for a local crossed...

And a little photo update on Tru-Luv Sibylla

Needs wider shoulders and a better crown placement

The slipped crown is pretty obvious here

I am keeping this girl as brood because for an F1 out-cross she is pretty decent. When you start off having below average quality you really need to work super hard to get to the quality. I am very glad that Miller’s Clark has helped me shorten my journey tremendously. I am sure that by the time the Tru-Luv prefix fills up the pedigree, we’ll be having some decent show quality stuff as far as COLORED Hollands are concerned.

The torts win hands down this round. Well, Clark’s a tort too!



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2 responses to “Meltz….

  1. yueyi

    lovely pictures…the torts looks lovely…i like no1/no2
    both look the same..haha…

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