Fabulous Fours at Fourth Week

Look at the smug on that face

I like all the kits born in Meadow Haven but this litter is the most amazing one thus far. All kits are pretty consistent on most of the traits. I have been told that breeders could tell if kits are different after spending some time and I believe this is what they meant. Somehow, they are just different. The best word I could use to describe this feeling is intuition. I am not sure but my guess is, if you know your herd well, this sort of feeling could be felt easily.

The kits weren’t all cooperative today but here are some of the photos that I took this afternoon.

Boy #1 - Absolutely love his bone and I would like to think that he is my Thunder Jr.

Boy #1 - Front

Boy #2 - Not too bad, I like his head most

Boy #2 - Front legs not as thick as I want but he has got broad chest

Girl #1 - She is darker just like her mommy. I like her head too.

Girl #1 - A keeper for brood at least

Girl #2 - She is such a baby but has got big head

Girl #2 - Pretty lazy when it comes to posing

For now, I’ll like to keep and hold on to them for much longer.

And for those who are interested to have show quality pets, please drop me an email at truluvrabbitry@gmail.com. I have a couple of RETIRED Show Quality Does (IMPORTED) to pass along.


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One response to “Fabulous Fours at Fourth Week

  1. J&J

    At such a young age, some of them has already started the disapproval look! haha..

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