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Clearing the stinky AIR!

There is something that I would like to make it very/extremely clear here. Tru-Luv Rabbitry is operated solely by 1 person. All this while, I am sure you have noticed that I always use “I”. It is never a WE because in my opinion, many people out there uses WE to make themselves feel stronger sounding “collective”.

That being said, all these efforts that you see through this website, is the sole creation and hard work of 1 person, I.

Therefore, I want to make it clear that Tru-Luv Rabbitry is not associated to any other breeders/rabbitry in Malaysia unless otherwise specified! All the rabbits that I have right now, is imported through my own effort and hard work. I am proud to say that I have very good friends in the USA to help me out every step of the way.

I did start off in the wrong footing with a HUGE rip off but I believe that my rabbitry has came full circle with the help of many friends overseas. I really do have the many friends to thank and I cannot possibly list them all here as it would be a super huge post.

Please take note of anyone using Tru-Luv Rabbitry name to boost his/her sale is outright unethical. That is the reason why that when you get a TLR bunny, it comes with a tattoo on its left ear that matches the number stated on the pedigree. As far as I know, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is the only rabbitry that uses this identification method in Malaysia right now.

And as a proper introduction, I would like to say…

Hi, my name is Tim, I own and manage the hobbit sized Tru-Luv Rabbitry. I work with a very small (in all massive standards) herd of Holland Lops of distinction quality and it is hard to blind me using colors, I hope that is how it is with you too! I truly believe in Quality and not Quantity. Thank you for visiting and I hope you find this website interesting!


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How Far Have We Come?

I was just wondering to myself how far we have come collectively in terms of quality rabbits here in Malaysia. Though I have not shared out much of my rabbits, I am pretty proud of the progress thus far and I don’t mean the taste of rabbit meat – LOL!

Many have chosen to import directly from the USA and some if not all are of decent quality. There must be demands since there are people who want these animals so badly that they opt for direct importation. Not to sound arrogant but to a certain extend, I believe that this blog has disseminated much knowledge in terms of quality that may have contributed to the awareness and demand for quality, else we will still be where we are 3 to 4 years back.

You see, a regular person will always react to provocation. Without it, sometimes there wouldn’t be much motivation. I was just wondering if there are some people out there who are just for a little thought wants TLR to just shut up and get out of the limelight. My mind plays tricks on me sometimes and just for laughs,  I would like to share this little scenario so that everyone can share the laughs with me. Let’s for an instance say that TLR has quite a few “competitors” and most of them would come into this blog and peep at what’s happening or what not. Being envious some may even try to top the quality? And it would be so funny if I just told them that what I have in this blog is totally a make belief? Wouldn’t it be such an irony that these people actually put in so much effort just to top something virtual?

Aren’t we all the same? It is so common for us to be envious of others till a point that we loose our directions as to what we truly want and enjoy in the first place. It is always about being better than some one else. That is what competition can do to us. The thought of winning blinds us. In places without shows like Malaysia, winning does not come in the form of a show competition. Winning comes mostly from the amount of money one makes.

But all these, can be thought of as VIRTUAL. Are we using our pets as stepping stones to make money or they are for our favorite past time? In the old simple days, kids have their dogs tagging along while walking, kids cuddling tiny critters and the true joy of having a pet is enjoying their presence – just having them with us that is.

Gone are the days I am afraid. Instant gratification has gotten the best of us. We want nice things RIGHT NOW most of the time. We throw away UNWANTED things RIGHT NOW too! I truly fear for the future sometimes thinking about this part of it. Demands create a lot of problems including and not limited to abandonment, temperament problems (near to no interaction) and long term health issues.

Who is there to govern what is right and wrong anymore?

But I am happy. I mean the progress that we have made so far. We have nice rabbits in Malaysia now. Maybe the next step would be adding some varieties in it? For crying out loud, 47 ARBA breeds right now, let’s not stop at Holland Lop, Dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarf.

And a final note, all the rabbits that you see on this blog is REAL. They are right here with me as I type this post. I love each and every single one of them very much and I am truly enjoying their presence. Just like the old simple days when a bunny gets to be a bunny!

A Binky A Day Keeps The Doc Away - Fred being bunny!


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Rabbit, How To Train Your Human

Photo taken from

I had a great time over the weekend with the family watching this wonderful movie. Not in 3D though as I hate having double vision throughout a movie. I absolutely love the humor, the cute dragons and a superb story line to boot!

Photo taken from

If there is one lesson I’ll take away from this movie, it would definitely be the way we train ourselves to keep pets. Yes, I really mean how we train ourselves and not our pets. I am not referring to only rabbits but any pets for the matter.

Many of us are like the Vikings in the village of Berk. They just do not understand the dragons that they were up “against”. Like them, we are also sometimes oblivious and do not understand what we’re getting ourselves into when bringing little bunny or puppy home for the very first time.

There are many different breeds of pets be it dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and birds. Do we look beyond the cuteness when we plan to bring them home? Ideally, most of us will do extensive research while most of us prefer the impromptu impulse buying. There are 2 ways to go about it when it comes to impulse buying.  The first would do research only after purchase or when facing difficulties. The second would just get rid of their troublesome pets or allow it to die before acquiring more.

The issue is not really about the pets here. We are in dire need of training ourselves. Like the dragons in the movie, each type has its own characteristics, needs and behaviors. It has been mentioned many times before that we should choose pets that fits our lifestyle and not trying to make our pets fit into our expectations. There should be a fit in your daily routine and with the attention needed by your pet so to speak. In order for us to have the fit, we must first learn the requirements of the pet itself.

Failing to understand the behavior of the pet to begin with is like being a Viking in Berk that kills every dragon that crosses one’s path. Therefore, we all need to bring out the Hiccup (the main character not gas stuck in your throat) in us so then we could give ourselves completely in giving and receiving trust from our pet.

Photo taken from

Once we’re able to understand the needs of our pets, then we can even tame the Night Fury!

Photo taken from

It is a great movie everyone ought to watch both children and adult alike! Highly recommended!

On the other hand, I recently had an itch for little cute animal. I must admit that I almost took it home on impulse! Take a look at this photo and tell me who wouldn’t!

A Chinchilla! Isn't he cute? Cuddly Chinchilla courtesy of Furfurries!

It really took a lot of self control to resist the temptation. If you were there, I am sure you can hear me out loud as I kept on reminding myself, “Only Holland Lops please”…

I would also like to say that I am pretty sad to learn that someone I really look up to has made the decision to quit raising rabbits entirely. Maybe one day she’ll be back if it is meant to be.


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In The Midst Of Black & White

Clark says, "Bonjour"

Carmel, my all time favorite doe

Haley in her best behavior!

Sibylla proving to me again that it is very difficult to capture photos of black rabbits. I just can't get it bright enough to see her eyes. Darn!

Massive Thunder!

Holly Hope looking good despite going through a major molt

Java (Brown Sugar) acting like a puppy!

Little Barney was the last rabbit I manage to capture photos of before my camera ran out of batts!

Little Fred has good bones. The ears are expanding but I can assure you that he does not LIE...

Little Wilma is definitely a normal. I am looking forward that she'll be a good brood doe.

I think Little Betty should stay here a little longer because she's different each time I take a good look at her. LOL!


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Peanut (Revisited)

I have previously written about the effects of double dwarf genes in kits born of 2 dwarf carriers. Each parent contributes one dwarf gene to the kits and hence, all the mambo jambo.

Let’s take this a little further since I was about to reply to someone asking this question, I thought it would be best to share the information on the blog instead. But before I continue, I would like to stress that I hold no recognized certification in Animal sciences or whatsoever and what I share is mere knowledge acquired through research. Any experts out there are welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

The question was why Peanuts always end up dying.

The organ in question here is the Pituitary gland. The functions of the Pituitary gland are as follows:

* Growth
* Blood pressure
* Some aspects of pregnancy and childbirth including stimulation of uterine contractions during childbirth
* Breast milk production
* Sex organ functions in both men and women
* Thyroid gland function
* The conversion of food into energy (metabolism)
* Water and osmolarity regulation in the body
* Secretes ADH (antidiuretic hormone) to control the absorption of water into the kidneys
* Temperature regulation

I would just like to stress on the points that I have bold and underlined. The double dwarf gene causes the pituitary gland to be stunted/under developed/damage. And thus, without it functioning properly, the little kit is not able to grow properly.

Sometimes they suckle harder then their siblings but still end up dying. That is because they are unable to convert what they suckle into energy and thus, death ensues.

We all know that kits need help with keeping warm and that is the reason why mommy will always pull fur and make a warm nest. They start off having no control over their body temperature and the fur keeps them alive. With peanuts, they are unable to regulate their body temperature although a warm nest is provided. The cost of death mostly for peanuts is the failure to regulate their body temperature.

Hope that helps in answering the question of peanuts.

So does that mean, “Give monkeys, get peanuts?” or “Give peanuts, get monkeys?”.

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Pet Rabbits Available!

I have a couple of Holland Lops available for pet. Please email for more information. Breeders, liars, agents to breeders and relations to breeders will not be entertained. Genuine inquiries only!

Please email me.  Comments will not be entertained. TQ!


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Spring & Easter is upon us!

With Easter just less than 2 weeks away, I am thinking about the many rabbits that will be made pets. Some will have an everlasting home while many more will suffer abandonment if not death. This is the issue that many ethical breeders are thinking about. Some may even refuse to sell rabbits during this period of time. The cause of this is definitely consumerism and how marketing has turned tradition into a multimillion dollar business. The story is always the same, starting off with ignorant parents getting a little innocent pet for their children that soon loses interest in their new found pet.

We all know that rabbit is just a symbol of fertility and is always used to signify life due to its prolific breeding nature. Rabbits are also used to denote the dawn of the Spring season where they can be found in abundance hopping around in the meadows.

I can’t say the same for us living here in Malaysia. Though we have flowers blooming all year round, I don’t consider that we’re having Spring all year round because of how warm the temperature is. Though we do not share the physical Spring with our friends in countries with 4 seasons, we do share a common celebration in Easter.

Nonetheless, Spring & Easter is a season to celebrate the abundance of LIFE.

Someone's up to no good!

Greedy Betty!

Betty the Easter bunny

Betty the cutie

Flower girl's bunny basket?


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Tru-Luv Betty & Tru-Luv Wilma

I have a feeling that most people are already bored with photos of my rabbits posing in certain poses repeated over and over again. I do not have any better photos to share because Holland Lops are basically what we call an upright breed. The Holland Lops generally do not crouch like the other breeds do.

Little has been written about the 2 girls in the litter. Tru-Luv Wilma is definitely the dark horse of the litter. She was the smallest to begin with and I thought she’s a runt. But her growth rate is surprising me. Tru-Luv Betty on the other hand was the doe I had my eyes on but as of late, she’s falling behind Wilma.

Either way, both of them have really nice thick front legs.

These 4 need a lot more time to grow but they are already very different at 8 weeks. First time I see certain traits that I have not seen before thus far with rabbits this age.

Tru-Luv Betty

Tru-Luv Wilma's front

Tru-Luv Wilma's side

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OMG! We’re On!!!

The Chosen Photo

J & J just dropped a little comment telling me that TLR is being featured on

Indeed, it was Sibylla in the food bowl!!!

Here’s the link,

Thank you so very much to that special person that took the time to submit the photo on my behalf!

As you can see, I no longer fit in that "pot" anymore

That was me!

I'm all grown up now...

I am happy Paul found me...


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Tru-Luv Barney

Today’s bonding time for little Barney and I had the mood to snap a few photos of him. The 4 of them are 7 weeks old now. They will be weaned starting next week. It has been very interesting to see them grow from just tiny little pinkies and it seemed as though it was yesterday.

I think I saw a little crown growing?

Barney putting on a "don't mess with me" look!

Barney, not the purple dino please...

On a crazy note, I am always envious of breeders who are working on “COLORED” Holland Lops. One thing for sure, I am very confused because the Tort doesn’t seemed to be considered a color. I wonder what it is. But anyhow, I have just embarked on a new journey. The colored Hollands bandwagon/bug has caught me unaware and now I am totally addicted. I have a new found love for the color – GREEN. YES! I’m “developing” GREEN Holland Lops!

Isn't he perfect?


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