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Five Weeks Cuties

Boy #1 is absolutely awesome!

Boy #1 - This is exactly what I am talking about. Just look at him pose here. This is exactly what I have in mind of a perfect HL kit.

Here's Boy #1 again

Boy #2 - He is not too bad but I'll like to see thicker and stumpier front legs

Boy #2 - I kinda like the curvature on his head right now. Very cute little guy

Girl #1 - The girls are not that spectacular right now. Quite a bit more to fix up but I hope they are worthy of being broods at the least

Girl #1 again. Love the bones on this doe

Girl #2 - Somehow her coat seemed to be softer comparing to the rest. I sure hope it isn't fuzzy

By the way, this litter is now known as the Tumble Falling Torts. They are just a clumsy lot and never fail to give me a rude shock with how they love “committing suicide” all the time!


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