Lop For The Sake Of Lopping

It’s been a while since I write long ramblings and I just read a post in the local forum that basically pushed my patience to the brink of explosion. It just goes to show that no matter how much it is discussed in an open forum, words are mere words and can never penetrate thick skulls.

I have chosen to keep my comments to myself since it is a total waste of time trying to advice.

For the past few months, Malaysians have been introduced to a breed called “LOP EAR”. What a loose name to refer to rabbits with ears falling or drooping. If you have done enough research, the two words “LOP EAR” is used to refer to the LOP BREEDS.

Do you know how many types of Lop Ears there are?

French Lop, Meissener Lop, English Lop, German Lop, Holland Lop and Miniature Lop just to name a few. So I am pretty much very confused because some breeders label their rabbits LOP EAR and there is always this “LOP EAR FOR SALE”.

The reason for this is because to a certain extend, TLR has highlighted that not all are Holland Lops. So as an easy way out, breeders found it more convenient and “safe” to just use a general term “LOP EAR”.

Honestly, whenever I see “LOP EAR” it only shows me how ignorant and ill informed the breeder is. And it is obvious that the breeder himself or herself do not even know what breed is being put up for sale. I am also convinced that it is a form of DECEPTION to get those unaware to purchase these rabbits. I wonder sometimes if it is right religiously to deceive in business. Well never mind that because rabbits are made for our “rezeki” or profit.

That being said, even each lop ear breed has got a standard to adhere to in weight and physical characteristics. For those who care to know and understand, here is a good guide to the Standard of Perfection for Holland Lops by James & Emily Meagher of Proud Ear’s Rabbitry – http://www.proudears.com/standard.html.

It is better for me to just stop writing here. If only 50% of what I wrote here is understandable, it is good enough that I have put a message across effectively. And truthfully, I have no time for pet quality breeders. They are just a waste of time.

"Hop for the sake of hopping, Lop for the sake of lopping"


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  1. yueyi

    i learnt something new again ^_^
    please do correct me next time if i miss used words..coz i might be confused from some other sources..
    before learning about rabbits i used to call them floppy ear bunny..haha…well that what i claim them to be from my own point of view.

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