Happy Bunny Weekend!

The kits are really growing up cute and cuddly. There are a lot of differences with this litter as compared to previous litters when they were at the same age in terms of appearances and feel. Groomed a couple of bunnies this morning and just had to take some photos too. Here are a couple of photos to share. Happy weekend everyone!



And also, the many faces of Clark…

Whatcha staring at, mate?


Stay where you are!

There is a reason why Holland Lops have this “bulldoggish” look especially around the region of their faces. I have written something similar but I believe some of my readers are still unaware exactly what contributes to this “wide” look.

If you would like to evaluate or find the reason why your rabbit have a narrow look, take a front profile of it and do the following:

Draw a triangle through the tip of the eyes and join up at the tip of the nose

Realign the 2 diagonal lines

Short diagonal lines are indication that you have good width of head.

And NO, I did not ask you nor condone anyone discarding any rabbit with longer diagonal lines! So before you twist the intent of my post, just need to get that clarified to shut you up! SheeeEEeeeeesh!


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