Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Tru-Luv Barney

Today’s bonding time for little Barney and I had the mood to snap a few photos of him. The 4 of them are 7 weeks old now. They will be weaned starting next week. It has been very interesting to see them grow from just tiny little pinkies and it seemed as though it was yesterday.

I think I saw a little crown growing?

Barney putting on a "don't mess with me" look!

Barney, not the purple dino please...

On a crazy note, I am always envious of breeders who are working on “COLORED” Holland Lops. One thing for sure, I am very confused because the Tort doesn’t seemed to be considered a color. I wonder what it is. But anyhow, I have just embarked on a new journey. The colored Hollands bandwagon/bug has caught me unaware and now I am totally addicted. I have a new found love for the color – GREEN. YES! I’m “developing” GREEN Holland Lops!

Isn't he perfect?



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