OMG! We’re On!!!

The Chosen Photo

J & J just dropped a little comment telling me that TLR is being featured on

Indeed, it was Sibylla in the food bowl!!!

Here’s the link,

Thank you so very much to that special person that took the time to submit the photo on my behalf!

As you can see, I no longer fit in that "pot" anymore

That was me!

I'm all grown up now...

I am happy Paul found me...



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3 responses to “OMG! We’re On!!!

  1. yueyi

    congrats Tim..congrats miss sibylla..i used to surf that website for cute pictures last time..

  2. awwwwwwww… makes my monday morning so much cuter!!! 😀

  3. My gosh, the first picture is CUTEOVERLOAD.COM!!!

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