Spring & Easter is upon us!

With Easter just less than 2 weeks away, I am thinking about the many rabbits that will be made pets. Some will have an everlasting home while many more will suffer abandonment if not death. This is the issue that many ethical breeders are thinking about. Some may even refuse to sell rabbits during this period of time. The cause of this is definitely consumerism and how marketing has turned tradition into a multimillion dollar business. The story is always the same, starting off with ignorant parents getting a little innocent pet for their children that soon loses interest in their new found pet.

We all know that rabbit is just a symbol of fertility and is always used to signify life due to its prolific breeding nature. Rabbits are also used to denote the dawn of the Spring season where they can be found in abundance hopping around in the meadows.

I can’t say the same for us living here in Malaysia. Though we have flowers blooming all year round, I don’t consider that we’re having Spring all year round because of how warm the temperature is. Though we do not share the physical Spring with our friends in countries with 4 seasons, we do share a common celebration in Easter.

Nonetheless, Spring & Easter is a season to celebrate the abundance of LIFE.

Someone's up to no good!

Greedy Betty!

Betty the Easter bunny

Betty the cutie

Flower girl's bunny basket?



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3 responses to “Spring & Easter is upon us!

  1. woi..kenape kiut sgt ni…picciiiittt

  2. Susie

    so cute! ❤

    Susie 🙂

  3. yueyi

    omg..so sweet looking…please send the gift basket to me for easter pleaseeeee….pretty pleasseeee

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