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Keeping The Passion Alive

Burn outs – I am sure all of us has gone through it. When our lives get too hectic, most often then not, we start to prioritize. I have written a lot of about priorities in life and I have often mentioned that pets are easy target when inevitable changes happen in our lives. A dear friend wrote a very good piece on this topic – Too many lives, not enough homes. As far as that “department” is concerned, I am glad that people knows how TLR works and my inquiries are normally from people who wants to have a neutered Holland Lop as pet. It is amazing how when you are amongst the best, you become one of them. Though I am just half way there, I have Alicia to thank for showing me good examples and it was based on her ideas that the TLR sales policy were written.

Coming back to the topic, we’re sometimes pretty weak and we’re subjected to many trials and tribulations in life. When we’re faced with tough situations, we may not only feel like quitting what’s causing the tough situation but these tough situations may also cloud our judgment and thus, cause us to quit our passion.

MROC is not dead by the way. We’re very much alive. I take pride in having a small group of rabbit friends and I must say that we’re TIGHT! I hope more will join us soon. We have dinner together sometimes and I am glad we are all taking initiatives to meet up once in a while. And I truly enjoy these outings. The amazing thing is, these friendships are made through our beloved rabbits. So since MROC is made up of bunny lovers, as long as we’re each alive and kicking, this club is very much alive too. It is really up to each individual how they want to grow in this club. Everyone has got full control over how much they want to make out of this club and to be part of it. My apologies for the inactivity on the parts of newsletter. Each of the officers have a life and when we’re busy, MROC is the least of our worries. That is how MROC is made and I like it to stay that way. It is a non-committal club that will take long slumbers and only awake when necessary – LOL!

So, if you ask me if I have ever thought of giving up my rabbits? I would say YES, many times over. And what makes me persevere in this hobby when it seemed like the end? There are many things that holds me back from giving up and below is just a few of the good things that keep my passion alive:

1. When the breeders in USA showed me photos of the rabbits that they are sending, I normally feel very emotional about it. There is a concoction of mixed feelings. How can I possibly give them the same if not better life compared to them being in USA? But mostly there is a feeling of inadequacy because I make a conscious decision to bring them over here and it is my promise to take good care of them. Whenever I feel like giving up, I remind myself of this little promise I make for each and everyone of the bunnies and also their breeders. I am glad that the basic needs of these rabbits can be met now with fresh green hay, quality rabbit pellets and good vets too.

2. The friends I have in this hobby are AMAZING. We call ourselves the global bunny support group. We are always encouraging each other and engage ourselves in this hobby. Peer pressure holds true here. And when a breeder shares photos of their latest rabbits, it is taken as an inspiration to continue working hard on our own.

3. In my opinion they deserve the best and there is no other place that could give them the care and love I provide for them. As long as they are with me, I have control and I am in control. My apology for indicating that everyone else is incompetent but you will truly understand this feeling when you are in my shoes and if you care that much about your pets. Not a day passes with me thinking about my rabbits living elsewhere. This thought itself will cause me to burn out sometimes.

When you can relate to me and my feelings for my rabbits, you can be very sure that you’re IN too deep with this hobby. They mean the world to you and it is impossible to give them up!

And each time you look at your little bunny, renew that little vow you took that you have made a conscious decision to bring little bunny home and the least you could do is to take good care of it!


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Candid Shots

I went through the photo collections and found that I have missed out some shots that I like. Here’s a few photos of the bunnies to brighten up the blog.

Chief of the herd, Thunder

2nd in command, Clark

The old matriarch, Carmel

Haley showing off her "puppiness"

Lifebearer of the herd, Holly Hope

This is what I call camouflage...

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Fred, Thunder’s Clone

If you know enough breeder friends, most of them will tell you that most of their champs are pulled out from the bottom cages. There are many dark horses in this hobby. The right term to use is, growing them out. Certain lines mature much slower than others. But if space and time is not an issue, Holland kits should be given a chance to grow. The best thing to do is not to look at them at all and they will surprise you one day.

That is the case with Fred.¬† And since there is no successful buyer, I’ll be keeping him.

I call that my HAMBURGER!

What a Cutie Pie!

I really like this guy!


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Baby Mishu

It’s been a while since we last seen this little girl. Here’s a couple of photos of her.

Mishu and Paddington


That's me!

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Dry Days

As I sat down here looking at the dashboard of my weblog, I wonder what I should write today. It has been a while since I last updated this blog and I mean a real update. I came to realize that pretty much about everything regarding rabbits has been covered in websites, weblogs and forums. At that department, I believe I have pretty much covered as well. The only issue I believe with having a weblog is that, readers tend to read the latest and they do not normally go through the archive. I must admit the search option on this blog is fantastic but the problem is, I have not been tagging my posts until recently so there are some pretty nice posts that doesn’t get pulled up when searched.

Life is pretty much routine at the moment. I guess that is the reason why we go into varieties. It is understandable when a rabbit remains as a rabbit no matter how we change its outlook. That must be the reason why many breeders started going into varieties be it breed or color to add a little zest into an otherwise routine and boring life.

Thinking ahead, I do not feel that it is time to venture out to add varieties to the herd just yet. Right now everything is just about to sustain a healthy little herd. I rather try not to create such a big change in the dynamics of the herd. Even a little small change may cause troubles of epic proportions. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire basket.

If change is not what I am seeking, what could be it?

That is exactly what I would like to write about today. I am pretty curious as to what millions if not billions of pet owners out there do during these “dry days”. I know we all do spend a certain amount of time with our pets everyday. My question is, what happens when we’re tied down and I am sure there are times when we do not even want to have a look at our pet due to time constraints?

When I was feeling a little under the weather somewhere last week, the last thing I could think about was my rabbits. I just did not have the energy for them because my body just weren’t in the right state to do bunny chores. I was pretty sure some of my readers have had such an experience before.

Getting into the dry spell is easy but getting out of it is definitely a pain. Just like any hobby, to a certain extend I am sure some of us have our “burnt out” days.

How I snapped out of it? I believe surrounding myself with people of the same hobby did help me bounce back pretty easily. Friends in the hobby keep us going. The group of friends I have is amazing and wonderful. They don’t need to do anything except for sharing some photos of their beautiful bunnies. Looking at bunny photos shared by my friends really inspires me to keep on going.

How do you get your zest for life back when you’re down?

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Congratulations to all winners at HLRSC Nationals!

2010 HLRSC Nationals is about to end as I write this post. Linda and Ron Jinnings of L&R Rabbitry won BEST OF BREED with a broken tort while BEST OPPOSITE SEX of BREED goes to Becky & Allan Ormond of Bunnyland USA!

My good friend Scott Rodriguez won BEST FUR!

Congratulations to all winners and those who have placed well!

Just got news that the 2 paintings my dad sent for the auction helped the club raised some awesome amount! I am happy to hear that everyone had fun bidding! Thank you very much Colleen, Jennifer and Kay for updates on this. Really appreciate it!

Mr. Mark Carson of Iowa won the highest bid with this wonderful piece. Mark is HLRSC Zone 3 Director. Peggy Ross of TX owns it now.

Here's the other wonderful piece that has got a successful bidder too!

And just a little update of the 3 kits. They are going through the uglies right now so are not looking their best.

Tru-Luv Barney

Tru-Luv Fred

Tru-Luv Wilma

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Happy 2nd Birthday Holly Hope!

Come every 17th April, a flashback brings me back to that faithful day when this little cute doe came to me in the midst of all adversity. Her survival was truly a great labor of love. Such a tiny little babe all alone in this world. After 4 litters and 4 beautiful kits in Truffles, Balian, Sibylla and Knee-Yo, she has indeed came a long way.

I too can’t believe that is has been 2 years now. Holly Hope holds the future of chocolate babies in the TLR herd. If I want to continue with working with chocolate Hollands, I’ll have to get some nice chocolate carriers from her. We’ll see how it goes and if it is all meant to be, it will happen.

Till whatever happens, do happen, Happy Birthday Holly Hope!

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Professional Grooming

The moment Rachel saw this post, she knew that I needed a lot of help. Since then, she has been asking me when I’ll be able to allow her to help me. I have been procrastinating for the longest time until recently I felt the temperature rising in Klang Valley. I personally have not been sweating so much until recently. If I am without fur and feeling so uncomfortable, it must be hard on the rabbits I thought.

Finally, I committed myself to arrange for a grooming session and have Rachel come over and work her wonders on the bucks. Rachel has been placing well in the local grooming competitions but the catch is, she’s a pro with dogs. In my opinion, any pro groomer can be much better than me in the grooming department. Rachel brought her grooming equipments with her in a huge box and it weighs heavier than Thunder and Clark put together – LOL!

As we’re working against time (she has only approximately 3 hours to spare), we quickly set off to work. Clark was first and being her first bunny grooming session, it took us a good 1 hour to get him done.

Since Rachel is very familiar with grooming dogs, I gave her a task to groom the bucks similar to how she would groom a Miniature Schnauzer – LOL! I told her I would love to see Thunder and Clark in SKIRTS too!

And that is exactly what Rachel did..

Rachel working on Clark

Another person that can strike a good conversation with my rabbits!

The end results are absolutely MARVELOUS!!! It is pretty obvious that the bucks love it too! They have extra ventilation – LOL!

GrrrRrr...Sexy Back!

He really looks like a PUPPY DOG now!

Thank you so much Rachel for spending precious time grooming at TLR! We shall see you soon!


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How To Turn B*tch Mode On!

Pet peeves, everyone has them. No exceptions with me. Through time I have collected some classic examples of what I dislike and I don’t normally write about them because people may use it against me. I can be an extremely moody person at times. Though it is never profitable raising Hollands as a hobby, even if it is possible, I’ll be an EPIC failure in doing so. The reason being, I am a really bad Customer Service Officer. With the way I deal with inquiries, there wouldn’t even be after sales service because there will not be any sale made in the first place.

Ask those that has got a TLR bunny and you’ll know the pain they went through before having the joy of owning one. Yes, I grill and I scrutinize every detail. I might have failed a couple of times but it is really tough and it is a well known fact among the local forumers.

If you are wondering how to have hell breaking loose and to unleash the major b*tch in me, following are a couple of examples how I nearly bald myself in many occassions.


All my pet peeves revolves around this type of inquirers. It is hard to get a TLR rabbit so many resort to lying. If I remember correctly and if my assumption is correct, I have had someone standing in as a PROXY. A possible proxy to a breeder perhaps. Sweet talked me into selling off one of my rabbits and I have not heard about that rabbit since.


Some adults have to hide behind their children to get stuff that they like. I know many of us like Transformers toys and some fathers would say that he buys them for his son but really, it was for himself! Here I have some adults calling me for rabbits and trying to hit the soft spot by saying, “It is a present for my little sweetie”. It would be worse if they had asked for A PAIR of Hollands from me. It saddens me a lot to know that the person receiving the rabbit do not have experience raising rabbits as pets before. This classic example gets even more interesting because not only the “daughter” does not have experience but, an ad was put up to sell a rabbit that was bought for her 2 days ago! My reply was plain and simple, if that rabbit did not make the cut, nothing would suit her! What a RISK taker!


Never ever show me signs that tell me that my rabbits are disposable commodities. Love them today, hate them tomorrow is a major NO NO NO for me! Don’t ever tell me things like, “I have a few local rabbits and if I get a Holland from you, I’ll give them away“!


I totally hate inquiries through SMS or Text messages. There isn’t any sincerity at all! Email me at least if you are voice shy. I must know who my rabbits are going to!


It has been written very clearly that my rabbitry is a closed rabbitry. That means NO VISITS. This helps me lower the risk of unwanted problems. I do not like to blame others if my rabbits get infestation of parasites and I do not like to expose them to possible bacteria that could be brought in by others. The best thing to do is keeping my rabbitry closed to visitors so please don’t ask for my location.

There you have it, my most hated pet peeves of all time.

If you are a major character that I must bow down to, don’t ever bother inquiring. I am a larger B*tch to be bowed down to. My arrogance is only and will always be FOR MY RABBITS!

Oops, sorry for the ramblings, now TAKE A NUMBER AND GET ON THE WAITING LIST!

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Ellen In The House!

I do not mean Ellen DeGeneres but someone that needs no introduction, Ellen Whyte. We all know Ellen from her book entitled Katz Tales: Living Under The Velvet Paw and the Dog Talk column on The Star newspaper. Basically, Ellen wanted to visit the rabbits and ask me a few questions for her upcoming article. Watch out for the article as I promised Ellen not to say a word about it. I am honored she allowed me to post this up.

With Ellen Whyte in the rabbitry. My wifey can take good photos too!

A rainy Saturday morning. It couldn’t get better than this. The bunnies were all very happy as though they knew someone special is coming. The first rabbit that caught Ellen’s attention is Sibylla. She was just sitting there looking at Ellen and she was successful in getting her attention. Ellen picked her up and held her for a while. One thing I need to learn from Ellen is how she can strike a conversation with any animal that she picks up. There will be a lot more talking in the rabbit room now.

Though it was a pretty short visit, I hope Ellen gathered enough information as needed. I really enjoyed chatting with her and knowing what’s on her mind. I am really happy that she didn’t get a shock looking at my little rabbitry which by all normal standard, out of the ordinary.

Ellen, if you are reading this, THANK YOU very much for visiting. It was a pleasure having you over!

For the rest of my readers, do look out for another wonderful article by Ellen. You have been informed…

A virtual mark can be seen written all over Meadow Haven that reads, Ellen wuz here


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