What’s Been Happening

There has been a lot of changes for me recently and that explains why I have not been writing much. Life in general is pretty interesting and we all go through phases that knock us out of our ways. The next few weeks would be crucial for me as I pick out who I am keeping and who I am sharing out as good pets or brood. I have improved the sale and purchase agreement for those who get rabbits from me.

The FurryButts are going home tomorrow so I’ll be missing them, I can’t wait to check out their new crib and hopefully their owners will start blogging again.

Oh yeah, it’s Good Friday today, I hope everyone “celebrating” this day is having a good time reflecting on some spiritual stuff. Not forgetting, Easter is just another 2 days away. I hope no bunny will become casualty during this EGG and BUNNY season.

As for the bunnies in TLR, they are sort of enjoying a new environment.

Other than all these random ramblings, I’ve got lots of chores to do as I am gonna “bunny-cum-house sitting” for a friend. It’s gonna be a short weekend!

As you can see, I have nothing much to update for now…


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